Sunday, January 02, 2011

Guess who back

So I'm not a New Years Resolution kind of guy but I think I'm to that age where i need to start setting realistic goals and one of those goals i have set is getting back to writing my weekly blog. Most of the times it happens to be about sports since as most of you know I am quite a sports fan. However, i will also be touching on current events and issues close to my life and my friends lives. So that being said its great to be back and look forward to everyone taking time to share in my memories and opinions.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Giants are playing good ball. The main reason is based around their strong pitching which is what management was hoping for going into the season. However, I can't help but think that Brian Wilson aka 'Wild Thing" is teetering on the edge of being a former closer. Wilson continues to pitch inconsistently and give up runs on a daily basis. I'm pretty sure that the great closers of the past didn't have earned run averages over 5. Rivera....nope..............Hoffman.....nope......well not at least when he was great, not the last couple years when San Diego ran him out there like a donkey in Tijuana.....only for show.........

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Do You Remember?

Do you remember when football was football? When the defense was allowed to basically punch a guy in the face as long as they weren't headhunting. This entire season which was both exciting and hard to swallow for me as a 49er fan. The one thing i kept thinking to myself was........REALLY? that was a foul? REALLY? that's a 15 yarder? This is very hard for me to do because as i type this i know that I sound like my father. The image above is clearly a penalty and should be flagged. This is the kind of penalty that John Madden dreams about. The one we have heard about for over a decade, you know the "BOOM, there's a helmet on the field-lets hope there isn't a head in that helmet, BOOM-fast acting tinactin, boom ACE is the place, Boom!" Sorry, years of Madden ringing in my head took over, back to my point.

This is not the type of penalty that bothers anyone. Earlier this year the NFL (no fun league) took away the 5 yard incidental face mask penalty and made any face mask penalty 15 yards and a potential drive changer. Similar to the one that happened this year in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. When a player drags someone down by the face mask that's fine, flag the heck out of that little cheater, but if a guy touches a face mask while trying to bring a player down......come on..........are you serious? put the flag away. While I'm on the subject, can we stop with the running into a kicker or holder penalties? This is freaking football!!!!! stop already, really? you ran into the punter too hard? How about the you tackled the Quarterback too hard penalty?

When a defensive end is flying around the corner at 150 mph and he is a step late and still runs into the QB, DON'T THROW THE FLAG. Especially if he puts on an Academy Award winning performance with the flop. Don't reward that kind of behavior, if anything flag the QB for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Well I do love football and i personally feel that the Steelers were handed the super bowl, I do feel there could be some changes to make football - football again.

P.S. Love ya Dad
P.S.S. Ben, at least Tebow is going back to school right?


Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Best Holiday Season Ever!!!!!!

We just finished the biggest professional football game of the year, The Super Bowl. Or as i like to call it the Holiday closer!!!! I love the Holidays......for me the Holidays start from October 26th which of course is my birthday and runs right through until Valentines Day. Sometimes Valentines Day held less of an importance so The Super Bowl ended it off for me (not the case now, as V-day is muy importande to ya sug). This holiday season was one of the greatest of my life. Everything i could have asked for and wanted to do i did.

This years holiday season began Dec 2nd in Sacramento as i got invited to my sisters work Christmas party, and it was absolutely wonderful......Good People like Spiffy, Vdiddy, CROVER, Patty (who did tell me i am fine, true, Aunt Linda, Timmy and Wife, and even a super smashed lady screaming for wine......LITERALLY......"WINE...WINE...." and guess what it came......strangest thing i have ever seen. Usually when people get to that point, people are like "OK you have had enough......lets trick her with water" Nope not that night, the waiter came and said "WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE THIS I.V. OF GRAPES!" I played Monte Carlo games with Vern, who alongside Linda are two of the coolest people i have ever known. I drank some BREW-SKIS, even met a guy who met a girl on E-harmony and called her his E HOE! (classic). Heard about a Brian McKnight concert, which reminded me that some people who can sing have an unfair advantage over us BILLY IDOL KARAOKE stars. This Party was great and i hope i can warrant another invite over the years, because i can understand why my sister loves her job, she works with great cats...(that means people in Scott talk).

I work Two Jobs so i had two Holiday parties, one on the 7th and one on the 13th. They weren't necessarily great but i do enjoy getting together with people outside of the office atmosphere and spending time and spreading our holiday cheer. One of my secret Santa gifts was a floor mat from a cool chick from work we call slash that says fo shizzle welcome to our hizzle. If you know me then you know why that's cool, its just a reflection of who i am.

We Also had a Holiday Dinner at Casa De Donovan where a group of us friends exchange our stocking presents and have a big Holiday feast. This year was especially great because we were able to include my fiancee Carrie "SUG" Chavez and my cousin Katie and her lil Baby Zoey and reintroduce my main man Silky Smooth Steve got back in the mix. The feast was wonderful, it was a team effort and we do a pretty good job of making a real meal with turkey and stuffing and whole shabang. Some of the memorable things from the year were my "why do men have nipples book", the obligatory hot fireman calendar, and of course Talladega nights was the DVD of choice.....We even had a chance to do a little something special for Katie, because we love her and thought she deserved it. All of those people Nate, Jayna, Steve, Katie, Zoey, Tiffy, and Sug regardless of blood or not are my FAMILY and i love them.

What came next might have been the jewel of the season, don't get me wrong it was all great but i had heard how great Disneyland was at Christmas, but i truly never dreamed it could be that great. My Crew (tiff,steve,me) drove to LAX to pick up Bri and his new catch ( for it....yeah nice) and we went to Disneyland. It was by far one of the longest days in my life and it was without a doubt worth it. The decorations themselves would have been worth the price of admission (63, yowsers!!!). Trees and Bows and wreaths and Red and Green and Reindeer and Santa and everything you could possibly imagine. I am a firm believer that it is impossible to be in a bad mood at Disneyland. It just the feeling you get when you walk in those doors, the feeling of joy and being a kid who is overwhelmed.... rushes over you. I am 30 years old and i hope that i never lose that feeling when i go there, because its something that i eagerly look forward to. Then you throw in on top of the greatest place on earth(west of Vegas for the record) your favorite holiday and Disneyland is simply a cant miss. It was everything i hoped for and much much more, it took my holiday cheer to another level. I hope to go every year from now on and make it a tradition, it was that great.

I know what your thinking its been great enough but you wanna know the greatest part? I hadn't even gotten to Christmas yet!!! Not to mention exchanging gifts with my friends. I love Christmas because it is the one time of year that everyone seems to work together as a family and more importantly as human beings. Its the one time of the year that i don't worry about bills or certain responsibilities, i just worry about having a great time and feeling festive and genuinely sorry tiff had to do it.... EMBRACE THE SEASON.
To close out the 06 Holiday Season we had the Annual New Years Bash which happened to be in San Jose this year. A bit of a smaller shindig this year but a great time none the less. Brad and Kelly opened their doors and we had a wonderful holiday with some drinks some cards and oh yeah "Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, and new brought to mind!!!!!!!!!" Thank you very much to them.......DRINK UP AND BRING YOUR CRAZY HATS..........................DAS BOOT!!!!!!!!
January 07 was slower, just a couple holidays off from work, and my moms birthday which was awesome, a little cards, a little cake, a little super over priced expensive seafood that dad changed the restaurant to, thanks pop. Mom did get the presents she wanted so all is good in Mom-ville!!!!....... The super bowl was fun and exciting and we had great food, which is really all the super bowl party is for, unless the 49ers are playing. I just missed winning the football pool from Tiffy's work fricking Vinatieri!!!!! and Now today is Valentines day or as i like to call it, embrace the ones you love day!!!!! I just thought i would share great holiday season i had and also share my love for you peeps who i care to share this with......HAPPY LOVE DAY Y'ALL

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Guess Whos Back!!!!!!

Its ya boy from the 209 big skeezaleez here to help you swoop on some the non ebonic cats in the audience, this is scott and i am going to write some words that i would like you to read. The pic above is from my graduation on Sept 16th. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with my masters in Education and credential in elementary education. Wow a masters degree, i never in a million trillion years thought that i would even graduate college let alone continue my education and get a masters degree, but there i am......what a suprising twist. I would like to thank those who made this possible....(cue the academy award music) First and foremost i want to give thanks to god for making this all possible (this is both true as i do thank the jesus and also at the same time making fun of every professional athlete who has ever given an interview). I would also like to thank my parents for being supportive and quite possibly the greatest set of parents a boy could ever ask for. They didnt spoil me but by no means was i ever deprived, they worked very hard and had to put up with a lot to make me who i am today, and for that i thank you very much, i love you both very very much.

Next i would like to thank my sister and brother, Tiffy and i have grown into great friends and if you would have seen us at 16 and 12 you would have never thought that would happen. It has been an amazing journey and i couldnt have done it without you, I love you sis. My brother Brian is a wonderful wonderful man. I can remember about 13 or 14 years ago (WOW) and even though everyone told me that Brian looked up to me, i never believed it. Then one day i saw it, i saw how he acted, what he liked, how much pain he felt when i didnt include him and he probably doesnt remember that because he was quite young but from that day on i began to live that part of my life as positive as i could. I hope i did a good job because i wanted to provide a somewhat positive example for Brian to follow, He is a blonde, skinnier version of me and i love him to death. I want to thank him and spiff for helping mold me into who i am today.

I cannot forget my Sug, one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. She has been my rock when i am frustrated and cant forge on, she helps me stay strong. When people think that Scott is invincible and can handle anything the only reason i stay calm most of the time is because of her. She has been through alot in her life and she is in inspiration to me and the courage she has shown trying to fit into my close knit group of friends shows me her true love for me, thank you bear, thank you for being you. (i know the award music is getting louder)

The other major reason i am who i am is because of my friends, or as i like to call them my family. I have always looked at my friends like family, and i always will. In an attempt to not leave anyone out and hurt someones feelings i will not go though them one by one but rather when they read this they will know exactly who i am talking about, i have inside jokes with all of them, we have been to concerts, sporting events, savage gambling trips, tons of laughs and just as many tears. I love you guys and you girls i could not have grown into who i am today without you, i did the majority of my growing up with all of you......thank you

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Every year i forget..........

Every year i forget the beauty of Minor League Baseball. Tonight me and some of my Cronies went to the new Park in Stockton, Ca to watch a Stockton Ports game. One of the things that is so wonderful about minor league ball is that they make the game so accessible to the fans. You can sit very close to the field for a very fair price (sometimes as low as $4 per person). Between every inning they have some sort of promotion where anyone in the staduim can win. Not like a promotion at the major league level where one lucky fan is going to win a Cadillac Escalade, of course you never see that fan, not to mention its one of 50,000 people so you chances are very slim...... A just so you know............everything that happens in that stadium is sponsored by something or someone. so if someone in the crowd sneezes, you will undoubtedly hear the announcer say in his microphone, that sneeze was brought to by kleenex available at your local Save Mart.

A group of 8 went to this game where the Ports of Stockton battled the mighty Blaze of Bakersfield and our group got two fould balls....NO JOKE TWO!!!!! we gave them to the little kids in our group and you should have seen their faces, it was so important to them, because to them it might as well of been a Major League game. After the game we even got a grounds crew member to sign their ball, it was amazing to see how important they felt by getting an autograph and being out at a big league game. So if there is a minor league team around you and you are looking for a good time and a fairly inexpensive activity, go check out your local minor league affiliate.....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Some people dont get it, some people think its childish, and some people think caring that much is a waste of time. However for those who love the game of baseball and have a team that they bleed their colors, they will understand what i am going through.........I love baseball, it is by far my favorite of the major sports (unless i can count the Nascar the Ricky Bobby is in). I have been a SF Giants fan from the start i can remember countless times being at Candlestick park as a young tike with my parents watching the game.........I dont remember everything from my youth but i remember specific games where Darrell Evans hit home runs and a game where it was raining and Gary Carter (playing for the mets then) hit a home run to beat the Giants and i was upset because it was cold, wet, and then we lost.........A true fan follows his team year round not just during the season, they watch the teams web page, and follow the free agent market and right through spring training. Every day with hopes of what might be. Then for seven months.......SEVEN MONTHS......we watch games, we go to games, we check scores, we check stats, we hope for a big christmas present in July at the trade deadline ala Bobby Abreu (ben you must have been happy with that Robbery of a trade!!!!) and if by chance your team doesnt make the right decisions or believes that Armando Benitez is capable, or that (this is the best one) Jeremy Accardo is the future closer, and that an outfield in which 32 year old Randy Winn is the preverbial "SPRING CHICKEN"is good enough and the players you do have on the roster cant play good enough baseball to stay at .500, let alone compete for a playoff spot you too would feel disappointed and discouraged that you pay attention and give your sports heart and soul (i said sports, there are many...many things more important than sports but if its a passion you understand) all year and we root and support and then after all that nothing.......sometimes it feels like you wasted your time, like all your passion ripped out of you at once.......Like i said before some people dont get it, some people think its childish, and some people think caring that much is a waste of time, especially now that you get let know what i tell those people? maybe your right, but soon as that world series is over and the free agent period starts i will be right there waiting because i bleed BLACK AND ORANGE!!!!!